Route of Hayedo de Montegrande and Cascada del Xiblu

The beech grove called Hayedo de Montegrande is the third forest spot in Asturias, along with Muniellos and Peloño.

This route starts from la Braña de la Puerca that can be reached by the road AS-228 towards the mountain port Puerto Ventana. After crossing the village of Páramo, we find on the right, a car park and explanatory signs.

The difficulty of this route is low and easy to walk in its most part. It runs among beeches, hollies and oaks. It is worth mentioning, as part of the local fauna, the presence of the grouse, which is a species in serious danger of extinction, as well as wolves, bears, deers, roe deers or wild boars, among other species.

It takes about 2 hours to do the route, running almost all the way along a wide track of easy walking.

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