Route of La Braña de los Fuexos

The route starts from Fresnedo, which is at an altitude of 730 metres, and runs along a track where height is gradually gained until arriving to a bend to the left. There, you take the track to the right that descends gently until you cross a stream. From there, a strong ascent begins by entering a beautiful beech wood that has a curious tradition known and practiced since the late nineteenth century.

Halfway up the beech wood is the so-called Faya de la Medida, a place where local lads measured themselves checking whether they hit their heads on a knot in the tree. In case of reaching the point, they were apt for the military service, in case of not arriving at the knot they got rid of the military service for not giving the regulatory height.

Continuing the journey, a short distance later you arrive at some meadows. At the end of these fields, there are two small water tanks that are the entrance to the beautiful Braña de los Fuexos, where there are still three “corros de piedra” (stone shelters) in a good condition as well as some collapsed huts. The place is 1280 meters of altitude.

The way back must be walked by the same path.

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