Route of The Bear Path

It is an old rail trail of a mining train, now transformed into a green route for walking or cycling. It has a Y-shape, which offers two options of route. Tuñón-Cueva Huerta and Tuñón-Ricabo.

Starting from Tuñón, where the pre-Romanesque church of Santo Adriano is settled, we continue to Villanueva parish and, after crossing it, we arrive at the recreational area of Buyera. There you will find the bear enclosure where the bears Paca and Molina can be seen.

Leaving behind the council of Proaza, we cross the spectacular gorge Peñas Juntas. Next, we border the hamlet of Caranga Baxu and reach the village of Las Ventas and the Castañeu recreational area.

We continue on our way through the beautiful gorges of Entrepeñas and Valdecerezales to reach Entrago. A little further, we pass by San Martín and continue until we reach the cave of Cueva Huerta, which is the end of the route. The route consists of approximately 30 km from its beginning.

It is currently one of the busiest greenways in Spain, where thousands of visitors gather every year to ride it by bicycle, thus enjoying a complete experience of the path suitable for all audiences.

We recommend you to visit the web of where you have complete and detailed information of the routes and of the rents.

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