Route of Tuiza

This route starts from Braña de Tuiza, where we can park. To get to Braña de Tuiza we start from the village of San Martín and head towards the mountain port of San Lorenzo. From San Martin it is about 9 km. 

We start the route taking a track that starts on the left side of the road that runs between some cabins called “cabañas de teito”. When we arrive to Braña del Tronco, we take a path to the left and walk until Braña del Rebellón. A few metres to the left we can see a peculiar “teito circular”.

We return to the point where we left the track and ascend until we reach Veiga Fondera, which is a flat area. Then, we continue and reach the pond called la Canalada, and we continue until la Campera de Troméu.

We go on ascending to arrive at the Braña de Xamaraxil, where we can contemplate more cabins and some “corros”. From here, we take a path that starts at the top of the Braña de Xamaraxil, to the right of a small stream, until we reach a grassland area. We cross it to the west and find a watering hole named Fuente de Teixéu.

We follow the path west to the Garamanchón stream. From there, another path will lead us to the mountain port of San Lorenzo and descending by road for about 2 km, we reach the starting point. The difficulty is low and lasts about 3 hours.

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